Shona Welsh, Clinic Director of Genesis Hypnosis, is a member of the Master Hypnotist Society (MHS). The MHS system has helped tens of thousands of people quit smoking, lose weight, build confidence, manage stress, and live the life they were meant to live. 

A veteran of lifelong yo-yo dieting, Shona sought hypnosis support to finally break free of unhealthy eating habits and lose years of unwanted weight.

“I didn’t really believe it was possible to lose the weight and keep it off. I became an expert on pretty much every diet you can name – but none of them gave me long-term success and confidence like hypnosis”, Shona recalls.

“Through experiencing hypnosis, I not only began to see the pounds come off, but I found a new lightness about life. I wasn’t constantly stressed, doubting myself, and worrying about the future. I became a better leader, a better friend, and a better person by letting go of limiting belief systems that had kept me missing out on life for decades.

“Now I make healthy choices – both physically and mentally – that feel natural and easy. After experiencing hypnosis for the first time, I saw immediate differences in almost every aspect of my life. It has been truly transformative”!

Shona is thrilled to be able to live out her passion for helping others at Genesis Hypnosis. A lifelong adult educator and leadership coach, she has never seen any other program that comes close to hypnosis in helping people reach their goals, whatever they may be.