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Use Hypnosis to Stop Smoking!

Clients constantly tell us how they suffer through coughing, shortness of breath, and health scares. They feel social embarrassment about the smell and the constant need to go outside and smoke.

Most smokers spend thousands of dollars a year on cigarettes, which quickly adds up to tens of thousands of dollars over time. In Canada, here’s how much money you save by quitting a pack-a-day habit:

Daily: $14*

Monthly: $420

Yearly: $5,000

10 Years: $50,000

20 Years: $100,000

* Average price depending on brand and geographic location.

Have you had it with excuses?

Are you sick of rationalizations?

Are you ready to avoid all the hassle and expense of smoking?

Our Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program can help you quit smoking naturally.

No patches! No gum! No vapes! No drugs!

How Stop Smoking Hypnosis Works

Think back to the time when you smoked your first cigarette. You may remember that you coughed. You may have even choked on the smoke or felt light-headed or nauseous. Most people have to lie to themselves at least a few times while suffering through the first few cigarettes to finally be able to take the smell and physical discomfort.

With stop smoking hypnosis, you are going to use techniques called fixation and repetition to remind yourself of the truth: You were not born with an urge to smoke! You basically hypnotized yourself into doing it by smoking when you were bored, stressed, angry or nervous. After a while it seemed like smoking was how you got out of those unwanted states of mind.

What if you could learn to deal with stress, boredom or anger without using cigarettes as the cue to change your state of mind?

Could giving up smoking be easy if that happened?

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When you first started smoking, you probably coughed or thought it tasted or smelled terrible, but you kept doing it. Maybe it was to be cool, rebel against your parents, or bond with your friends. By smoking over and over again, you convinced yourself you were a smoker. In other words, you hypnotized yourself into it.

These days you may be using smoking to relieve stress or boredom, take a break, or reward yourself. Maybe you link smoking with daily activities such as having a coffee or driving, or you are used to smoking when you are socializing or connecting with others.

When you learn how to use hypnosis to stop smoking, you can return to the truth: you were born to breathe fresh clean air. You will also learn some healthy new ways to relieve stress or boredom, enjoy your daily activities, or bond with others. You can truly enjoy your life as a non-smoker.

When you are sincere about stopping smoking, hypnosis is a powerful tool you can use to help you make it easy for yourself.

We offer a free hypnotic screening where we evaluate your situation and see if we feel hypnosis is right for you.  

Depending on the individual and if hypnosis is right for you, the success rate of quitting smoking with hypnosis can be quite high. Hypnosis is proven to be the most effective way to stop smoking.

In a very large scientific comparison* of the best way to break the smoking habit, the research examined over 600 studies that included 72,000 people from America and Europe. When the results of various stop smoking methods were statistically combined, the study found the following:

  • Smokers using hypnosis were, on average, 15 times more successful compared to trying to quit cold turkey
  • Hypnosis helped people stop smoking more than 3 times as effectively as nicotine replacement methods.


*Schmidt, Chockalingam: “How One in Five Give Up Smoking”, Journal of Applied Psychology, University of Iowa, October 1992. https://burlingtonhypnosis.ca/hypnosis-stop-smoking-studies/

Many people have already quit smoking naturally and easily with the help of hypnosis.  However, hypnosis isn’t for everyone – which  is why we offer a free screening.  We evaluate your situation and see if we can accept you as a client.  Some important factors that we look for include:

  • Your attitude and motivation to stop smoking
  • Your willingness and ability to learn hypnosis as a tool to help yourself

If you are a pack a day smoker, you are likely spending at least $5,000 per year. In 10 years that’s $50,000!  Smoking costs you a fortune even before your consider health and social costs! You really can’t afford to keep smoking.

The first step in determining the cost of your stop smoking hypnosis program is to come in for your hypnotic screening, which is absolutely free.  People vary, and the type of program they need to quit smoking varies. Once we have met with you, and we agree that this is a good fit for you, we can determine what you need, and the associated cost.  

We will find a way to make the program comfortable for you financially.  Many of our stop smoking clients are thrilled to discover that they are soon saving money after they have stopped smoking with hypnosis.

Genesis Hypnosis and affiliates have helped many hundreds of people stop smoking! We offer a free hypnotic screening, professional facilities and a Written Service Guarantee. 

Many of our hypnosis clients don’t experience any cravings for cigarettes at all when they use hypnosis to stop smoking.  For those that do experience cravings, we teach hypnosis techniques to help people let go of the cravings more comfortably. People generally find that cravings are quite manageable and eventually subside.  When you are ready to finally make the decision to become a non-smoker, hypnosis can help you make it easy.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis uses repetition and fixation to instill or remind you of the truth: You were not born a smoker. You trained yourself how to smoke. You created your own triggers by smoking when you felt stressed, bored, angry, nervous, or you needed to take a break. Your mind now thinks of smoking as a way to deal with states of mind that are unwanted.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis will help you re-train your subconscious mind to deal with your smoking triggers in a different and healthy way. Only you can decide when it is time in your life to end smoking. When you are sincere about stopping smoking, hypnosis can help.